About us

What is public Health?

Public health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organised efforts of society.

Public Health (Community) medicine is that branch of medicine, which specialises in public health. Public health’s key responsibilities are the surveillance of the health of a population, the identification of its health needs, the development, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of policies and practice to protect and promote health, the development and evaluation of health services and public health research. Such wide responsibilities are delivered through multidisciplinary workforce.


ARPHAWho are we?

ArPHA is a professional organization champions the health of all people and all communities in the Arab world. Our role is to strengthen the public health profession through defining standards, strengthen practice and support all public health professionals, organisations and all those who contribute to the health of the population from all disciplines in their practice, work and endeavors. . We speak out for public health issues and policies across the Arab World and we lobby Governments, Health Minister and organized groups within and outside the Arab World (eg Health Ministers Meetings, GCC Health Ministers Council, WHO EMRO Executive Committee and all other groups).


Our Vision

The Arab Public Health Association (The Association) aims to promote and protect the health of people in the Arab world and make strides toward healthy communities across all Arab countries.


Our Mission

  • The Association is a union of individuals, organizations, institutes and national associations working to improve public health and equity in health.
  • The Association works to promote professional standards of public health practices through solid scientific basis of public health, evidence-based public health policies, and strong and robust public health delivery system to secure the health of the entire population in the Arab world.
  • The Association reaffirms the principle of prevention, and strengthens the capacity of its members to protect and promote the health of society and the environment.
  • The Association works to achieve the principle of partnership with all entities concerned with public health


The Board

In the interim period and until the first Annual General Meeting, which we hope it will be held at the same time with the 2nd Arab Public Health Conference in Tunisia in April 2016, the following Founding Executive Members will be the ‘acting’/’interim’ Board Members:


Dr Mahmud Fikri (UAE)

Dr Sondus Hassounah (Egypt) – Interim Registrar

Dr Samer Jabbour (Lebanon)

Professor Nabil Kurashi (KSA)

Professor Tawfik Khoja (KSA)

Professor Salman Rawaf (UK)

Professor Habiba Bem Romdhani (Tunisia)


The Executive

The Interim Board has selected Dr Sondus Hassounah to act as the Interim Registrar.

The Interim Registrar will ask for nominations and election through electronic ballots the entire Executive Team as outlined in the Constitution and Standing Orders.

The function of the Registrar as defined in the Constitution and the Standing orders is:

  1. The Registrar shall be responsible for:
  • the register of members of the Association,
  • publication of the Association list of members as directed by the Board,
  • Association elections,
  • the Standing Orders,
  • Association staff and headquarters and
  • undertaking the functions of a ‘company secretary’ and ensuring that the Association within the framework of law.

Convening meetings, preparing minutes

  1. The Registrar shall be responsible for convening General Meetings of the Association and meetings of the Board and of committees, for issuing notices of and for ensuring that minutes of all meetings are prepared and kept.

Annual Report

  1. The Registrar shall report to the Annual General Meeting of the Association and shall render an Annual Report to relevant authorities as and when needed.
  2. The Registrar shall not be an examiner.


The Office

Two Temporary Offices have been set up: one in Riyadh (At the GCC Executive Health Council for Health Ministers), and the second at WHO Collaborating Centre, Imperial College London.




Chapter 4 of the Constitution and Standing Orders give full details of the ArPHA Governance.



Please see the constitution for more.